2012’s Hit RPG Returns With NFTs

If you were gaming on Facebook in 2012, you’d definitely have heard of Monster Galaxy. From catching adorable Mogas to placing them in fierce battles, the game took Facebook by storm as its familiar turn-based gameplay won over fans of Pokémon and Monster Hunter. Despite its meteoric success and player base in the millions, the game eventually shut its doors after ceasing content updates in 2016. 

Fortunately, with the massive hype behind non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and NFT games, Monster Galaxy seems to have returned after a lengthy hiatus. With brand-new storylines, quests to participate in and promises of fair play-to-earn mechanics, there’s no shortage of players clamoring to get their hands on more Monster Galaxy news. Curious to know what lies beneath all the hype and nostalgia? Read on, as this article includes everything you need to know about Monster Galaxy P2E and its Galaxy Gem tokens (GGM).

What Is Monster Galaxy P2E?

Monster Galaxy Play-2-Earn is an exciting creature-taming and battling game inspired by Pokémon and Monster Hunter, and is the latest game in the Monster Galaxy series. By leveraging upon NFTs, the game rewards players’ time with full ownership of in-game Mogas. Just as with the previous games, players can collect and trade Mogas and breed them for battle.

Compared to pay-to-play NFT games like Axie Infinity where you’re required to fork out an initial fee before you’re able to start playing the game — Monster Galaxy P2E is built on a free-to-play model that lets anyone try it out. All players will be granted 100 Star Seeds for capturing Mogas, along with a starter Moga. This free starter Moga significantly reduces the barrier to entry for anyone interested in trying Monster Galaxy P2E as they familiarize themselves with the game’s combat and earning mechanics.

Speaking of combat, for those unfamiliar with Monster Galaxy P2E’s gameplay, don’t fret. If you’ve played games like Final Fantasy and Pokémon before, you’ll be familiar with its turn-based combat. Players have to choose from a handful of moves to damage enemy Mogas, while strategically taking note of their Moga’s element and health levels. To progress in the game, players can earn GGM tokens by completing quests and winning battles. GGM tokens play a huge role in the game’s open economy, as they allow players to afford accessories, stronger weapons and Mogas.

Worried about the complexities that might come with the NFT and play-2-earn additions? You’re in luck, as everything you love about the good old Monster Galaxy games is back with a fresh coat of paint. The biggest change is that every Moga is now an NFT which you’re able to buy and sell on the marketplace. This gives players full ownership of their monsters, and the ability to trade and breed Mogas of their fancy. 

Additionally, players will never need to worry about servers shutting down again: their unique Moga will always be accessible on the EVM compatible blockchains. Supportive of Gaia Online’s blockchain direction — and confident of Monster Galaxy P2E’s ability to thrive in the NFT game space? Read on to learn about investing early in GGM tokens so you can get ahead.

What Are GGM Tokens?

GGM tokens, the main driving force behind Monster Galaxy P2E’s economy, are ERC-721 standard tokens found on the EVM compatible networks. Confirmed details are still sparse when it comes to the full extent of GGM token utility, but so far they include:

  • Participating in staking pools
  • Buying and selling NFTs on the marketplace
  • Purchasing in-game assets like Moga slots, Star Seeds and energy
  • Land ownership

GGM Tokenomics

There’s a maximum supply of a billion GGM tokens. One exciting thing to note is that 490 million of these are dedicated to growing the game’s ecosystem through play-to-earn rewards and staking incentives. This reemphasizes Gaia Online’s approach toward rewarding players for their play time and effort spent on Monster Galaxy P2E

To prevent price inflation, the team is also looking into burning GGM tokens and reducing their overall supply. This will be done mainly by buying back GGM tokens from the open market with profits earned.

Keen GGM token investors can check out the Bybit Launchpad, where there are millions of GGM tokens to be earned through staking BIT tokens.

Are GGM Tokens a Good Investment?

Mass adoption is a must for any NFT or blockchain game. After all, solid gameplay and gorgeous graphics won’t mean anything if there aren’t any players to actually play the game. 

While other pioneering NFT games like Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained have secured a robust player base because of their first mover advantage, Monster Galaxy P2E has an ace up its sleeve in the form of nostalgia. By tapping close to 25 million of its early Facebook and mobile game fans, there’s likely to be a huge pool of players passionately playing Monster Galaxy P2E — while reminiscing about the days of grinding the game on Facebook. This ultimately lays the groundwork for a thriving and actively participatory community.

As for future plans, Gaia Online intends to roll out a fully-fledged guild system and land ownership so players are able to enjoy more content in the ever-expanding Monster Galaxy P2E. By relying on its trusted breeding and battling formula — and including plenty of sought-after updates — Monster Galaxy P2E and GGM tokens are a welcome addition to the NFT game scene. Although the game has yet to officially launch its beta, after seeing what the team has in store we can’t help but be confident in how Monster Galaxy P2E will explode onto the market with its unique and time-tested brand of fun.

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